Technical Recruitment Specialists


The UK and London in particular is a fertile environment for startups and entrepreneurs, with opportunities for investment and highly skilled professionals in the city. The ability to attract and retain the best talent can be used by investors and stakeholders to gauge an organisation’s staying power.

People drive innovation and growth.
Rubeus Solutions believe that employees are the most important asset of a successful business and the recruitment of talent is a critical process for growth, development and continued success.

Rubeus Solutions is great at building teams that build great software.  
William Pease
Head of Operations and Delivery

“I thought I would drop you a note to say thanks for all of your efforts in helping us find the right candidates for the roles we have to fill at Dynistics. This is not the easiest of companies to resource for as it is very fluid and roles and requirements change quite frequently, a classic trait of a start-up. The current team is highly skilled and as you are aware, we are looking for similar types of people to maintain the quality and levels of output. Your approach in understanding our specific needs has been excellent and your tolerance and patience is exemplary as we try to hone in on our exact candidate requirements. The post interview discussions and questions you raise with us are assisting in identifying exactly what we are looking for from the candidates, and this approach has been proven to be successful as we are now much better at selecting the right people to interview and what to ask in the interviews.
I would like to compliment you on the quality of CVs and candidates you are getting to us. Your initial screening process is saving us time from unnecessary reviews and interviewing of poor candidates. This is much appreciated as recruiting is very time consuming for all involved and deflects from running the business.” 

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